12'x20' Ski Hut

Exterior is log cabin siding and pine tree handrail porch. Multiple units for commercial campground. Hinkley, New York

12'x16' Craft and Gift Shop

1"x10" clapboard siding, fully wired ,insulated and finished inside with 1"x6" v joint pine including custom windows.

8'x16' Bunkhouse

Remote access site, all materials carried 3/4 of a mile, by hand, down into a gorge . (My sons and I) Board and batten siding, pine tree hand railed porch. Little Falls, New York

12'x20' Guest Cottage

Log cabin siding, custom windows, log handrails on porch sides.

Fourth Lake
Old Forge, New York

Complete Camp 24'x40'

"Lincoln Log" cabin construction. Remote access site - Boat access only.

Raquette Lake, New York

Two Story Camp Addition

Addition included two bedrooms, bathroom, enclosed timber framed screen porch and custom coped log handrails on new deck.

Little Long Lake
Woodgate, New York

Camping Cabin Accessories

Sleeping loft with pine tree handrails and an "indestructible" full bed (required by campground) for durability.

Assorted Finished Products

Log spiral stair case (Right),
V joint and log ceiling treatment (Above),
Coped log handrails on White Lake in Woodgate, New York.

Basic 8'x16'

Board and batten siding with 4' pine tree hand railed porch. Protected by my collection agents Michael 9, Billy 7 and Connor 5.

12'x16' Pool House

Including complete bathroom, pump and heater room. 1"x10" clapboard siding.

Barneveld, New York

10'x12' Pool House

Board and batten siding, pine tree hand railed porch.

Clinton, New York

Custom Home and Camping Cabin

Old Forge, New York

Custom Mini Cabin With Loft

Skaneateles, New York

Interior Finishes

An example of some interior finishes

Cabins in Transit

Some cabins in transit, and the North Country Winter