My wife and I have been living in our Bear Creek Carpentry Tinyhouse for over 4 years now. When we first approached Bill in 2015, he welcomed us into his shop and sat down with us to work on our dream design for our new home. After talking with him for some time we realized Bill would be able to help us create a home that was beautiful and durable enough to take the brutal cold winters of northern Maine.

Bill is a super nice guy. When we had questions, he had answers. He is very knowledgeable in how to build both large and small spaces. We decided on a 24' tinyhouse. We heat with a Hobbit wood stove, chose stainless steel countertops and Bill picked us a very reliable and efficient backup propane heater. In our living room he was able to take drawings we sent him and create built in "living room" furniture including space for a 40" TV and a full-size pull-out bed for guests. We have a 4-foot storage loft stair storage, full size washer and dryer, full sized shower and a composting toilet with build in hook ups for standard toilet if we ever decide to convert. We had originally asked for an on-demand heater, but he convinced us to go with a tank after a previous customer had issues with one. He included a clever fold down porch.

Bill will include standard appliances in his quote. We opted to buy our own and have them shipped to him directly. Bill was able to build our home around the appliances we chose. He also made sure that all the ceilings, loft access and entry ways were comfortable for everyday living for someone over 6' 3" tall.

Bill is a carpenter by trade. You can tell by his craftsmanship and pride in his work. That said, during our build Bear creek Tiny homes did have some difficulty meeting predetermined deadlines. We made plans to be in our home according to our contract made in 2015. It was a very frustrating time, as we ended up having to make alternative plans for four months while waiting for the house to get finished.

We lived 3 winters in Maine, 2 of which were up near the White Mountains. Nights could get as low as -20 and last for weeks. In Maine the house withstood snow and ice storms covering up and over our windows, rain and hail and insane humidity. We now live in Northern Arizona. The house does a great job in all weather and climates and continues to be as beautiful as the day we picked it up! With the wood stove and a backup propane heater, we were never cold even when the weather outside was frightful (actually we had to open windows throughout the winter when we would have a fire going and decide to cook dinner as our house by Bear Creek Carpentry is so well insulated). I will say, one of our neighbors in the white mountains area had a tumbleweed. She had nothing but problems during the winter with freeze ups, heating systems and subsequently needing significant repairs and she paid twice as much for her home.

In the last 4 years we have added a few touches of paint, installed a deadbolt to our door, replaced the heating element in our water heater, changed out the sink faucet, had a weight distribution system welded to the trailer, got a 5 foot extension on our chimney (the white mountains area was really windy and we got some backdrafts on 40+ MPH winds, but not anymore with the extension).

Our house is still as strong and well-crafted as it was back in 2016. It has stood up to some pretty gnarly weather, 3 moves, and a 5,000-mile cross country tow. The woodworking makes the house feel like a nice cozy cabin and the exterior has many custom woodwork accents. I would recommend Bear Creek Tiny homes if you want a home built to last in any climate.

Nic L.

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